Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Letter 04-20-14

So here's the big news of the week--transfer calls were this Saturday night and I am getting transferred! I am shotgunning (which, if you've forgotten, means that both missionaries in the companionship are new to the area) out Elders again (according to my sources) and my new companion is named Sister Powell! Right now I am so so SO thankful for the GPS my family sent me.
So I have been thinking about it and, for the record I have had all these companions and been all these places
Sister Torgersen (MTC)
Sister Pereira (MTC)
Sister Larsen (Springdale, AR)
Sister Smith (Springdale, AR)
Sister Andrew (Bartlesville, OK)
Sister Lowe (Henryette, OK)--Shotgunning
and now:
Sister Powell (Clarksville, AR)--Shotgunning
I have never had a companion for more than one transfer. The only place I've been in two transfers was where I was trained. I am taking that as a compliment to my ability to adjust.
Sidenote! In Henryetta we also cover a town called Okmulgee. (Yeah! Fun name!) But since we can't say "Okmulgee" right we usually settle for calling it "the Mug" or "Mugtown". Thank goodness for nicknames.
Stories! (the name of the investigator has been changed)
We had a miracle this week! We have this adorable member who is 19 and a recent convert. She LOVES to come out teaching with us, and, let's face it, both Sister Lowe and I adore her so it works out perfectly. Her testimony is awesome and she is willing to go and do anything--she doesn't shy away or panic. She steps us and goes, does, and laughs. Her name is Angel.
So we go pick up Angel. "We had four appointments but they all fell through," Sister Lowe informs her. We don't panic--this happens. We can always find work to do. So we start discussing who of those on our list of people to see we should go see first. We ask Angel if she has any preference.
"We need to go see Sister Mary." Angel pipes up clearly.
"We don't know a Sister Mary--who's Sister Mary?""
"I don't know," she laughs.
So we head off to some lessons, forgetting the silly conversation. We work all day and then, after dinner, we get a clear impression to go see a certain member of our ward. We had known she had family visiting, but we had thought they had left. So we get there and (tadaaa!) they hadn't! Well she hadn't--there was one woman visiting. So our member invites her in and introduces her daughter--an ADORABLE, softspoken, gentle woman--and proceeds to tell us that her daughter wants to get baptized. Her daughter asks her mom if she had set this up--apparently they had been talking during dinner and she had been talking about having the missionaries over. We reasurred her that, no, it hadn't been set up. We got talking again and it came up that we asked what she wanted to be called (she had a longer name and nickname shorter version and all that). She started explaining that she had a few names--first and middle or changed (I'm not sure).
"Well, my name has bad I think I'd like to go by Mary if that's okay."
"Sister Mary?" Angel, shocked, asked.
"Yes I think I like that."
Angel was so excited that night about her miracle that she called us and talked to us on the phone as we drove home.
Sister Mary came to church Easter Sunday (yesterday) and sat with us and her mom. She is a very gentle soul, and a great blessing to us.
The Lord pulls through in mysterious ways sometimes. This was a miracle--small, simple, and tender, but a miracle none the less. God is mindfull. We are so blessed. We are so glad we listened to that gentle tugging of the still, small voice.
Love you all!
~Sister Short

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