Monday, August 25, 2014

Letter 8/24/14

This last few weeks I've been trying to really focus on the Atonement. The Atonement is pure love. I don't think we even begin to comprehend how big and strong it is until we really start consciously looking for it and using it. The Atonement is Christ becoming At-one with us. My invitation for you all is this (and please let me know how it goes through letters and email and such): learn more about the atonement. Pray and ask God in what way you should start, then listen and look, then do that one thing. Do this over and over and talk to God about it--it will change you. 

We lost one of our own. Sister Vea is wonderful--spunky and funny. She knows how to love God and how to have fun. It only took a few moments to know you could trust her. Please pray for her family.  Please also don't forget to pray for her companion and everyone else involved. They need your love. They need God close. 

These two ideas may not seem connected, but if you look close you'll see they are.

Sister Short

 Thought for the day comes from "Leading Like the Savior" by Ryan Carr (Ensign July 2014).  Christlike leaders seek to help others develop.  President Kimball taught: "Jesus trusts his followers enough to share his work with them so that they can grow.  That is one of the greatest lessons of his leadership.  If we brush other people aside in order to see a task done more quickly and effectively, the task may get done all right, but without the growth and development in followers that is so important.....  Jesus gave people truths and tasks that were matched to their capacity.  He did not overwhelm them with more than they could manage, but gave them enough to stretch their souls." 

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