Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Letter 11-18-13

So chicken and rice is eaten all the time here--and it's actually really good! I'm drinking a lot of soda too.The people are really kind and always like to feed the missionaries :) Like two days ago I got my first taste of fish here--they fry the whole fish (guts taken out of course) and then ya eat it. I got the fish head. Masako showed me how to eat the fish eyeball--you sort of scoop out the eye and suck out the goo. I ate chicken heart before in Utah so I was like "eh, why not?" and I ate the eye goo too. It tasted like fish pudding and I don't think I like it nearly as much as she did ;) but I tried it once and I am set. (Don't worry--it was totally my choice. Sister Larsen didn't do it so don't be scared about things like that ;) ) I was making "swoosh" and "pow" sound effects as played with my fishy food--it was really fun :) It might look interesting (pictures to come), but it was really good :) I think of it as an adventure and I get to try some really cool things :) I like it :) I was worried before I came on my mission about foods that I thought I wouldn't like, but it really does all work out :) One of my new favorite foods is hot dogs and rice--yum :)
So Marshallese people are super super polite, respectful, and kind. If they aren't interested in your message they are always at least polite about it. We tried knocking on some doors a few days ago and the first white woman's door we knocked on wasn't really nice BUT because God is kind and thoughtful and amazing and gentle and TOTALLY watching out for us, our next appointment was this SUPER sweet lady who believes in God, had a lovely light in her eyes, spoke English (woot for me! I'm still no good at teaching in Marshallese YET) took a Book of Mormon, AND set up an appointment for us to come back! It just goes to show you that everything has an opposite :) So, whenever I encounter a not great time, I'm going to think of it as adding up towards the opposite in goodness! 

It's really great here Mom! I love it! Don't fret--I'm well looked after :)
Love you! 
--Sister Short

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