Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Letter 11-24-13

Everything is really going well!

So on Saturday I missed my first Weddingtism (that's what the missionaries call it) It's when an investigator gets married, then baptized on the same day. We were too busy to make it BUT that's okay BECAUSE the next one will probably be our investigator! WOOOT! Anyways, later that night something I've been looking forward to all week happened--MY FIRST KEMEEM!! Okay let me explain; a Kemeem is a really big birthday party for a baby that turns 1. This Kemem was for twins and also the family knows like EVERYONE so it was HUGE. They do them at the church (it's an awesome fellow-shipping opportunity) and basically the whole gym area was full of tables and people. They made TONS of food (seriously everyone who helps bakes all day) and it's all delicious. Since we are missionaries, they fed us right after the actual family, and they gave us like a Styrofoam to-go box with both halves entirely filled. I got to try this stuff that was like coconut mashed potatoes (I really liked it), got a rib (yum!), tried their raw fish in this sauce stuff (that was new :) ), little baggies with like this rubbery sweet stuff (you bite the corner of the baggie then suck out the stuff), this really yummy vegetable mix (I think there is crab in it), hotdogs and rice (love it!), chicken, pork, some boss potato salad, pickled veggies (I think it had Kimchi in it), pumpkin sweet-rolls, a rubbery desert square (dunno what they're called but I love them), sushi, etc. They really go all-out. So then we all go up, and, as is customary, everyone places a dollar (or more) in a dish for the family, then they say hi to everyone in the family. Then, entertainment starts. We didn't get to stay for the whole of the entertainment because of our missionary bed-time, but we saw like four performances by groups of young girls. They did like western and some hula and it was ADORABLE. Probly the funniest part was when, during a western song, the mother of the twins got up and pulled like a classic cotton-eye Joe type high-kicking dance. IT WAS GREAT!!! People would just go up and randomly join the dancers every so often. Kemem's are just SO cool! 
I think that's everything, 
-Sister Desiree Short

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