Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Letter 12-15-13

So news of the week:
Transfer calls came! On Wednesday Sister Larsen is leaving and a Sister Smith is coming. I will have to teach her everything she needs to know about this area. Luckily we have a GPS so getting lost isn't a concern (that's a huge blessing to anyone who is familiar with my sense of direction ;) ). I really love Sister Larsen and I am going to miss her. But a new adventure comes! The members threw a party to say goodbye to her and they gave her gifts. It was so heartwarming. There was a member here that even gave me a beautiful necklace, bracelet, and earrings. They are all handmade from the islands. Her kindness humbled me so much and broke my heart a little; the Marshallese people are the most genuinely kind people I have ever known. That level of kindness is just amazing. I felt so loved. I FEEL so loved. I love it here SO much.
Sister Short

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