Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Letter 12-22-13

Things are going well with Sister Smith. She is driven just like me and likes to follow the rules even more than I do so we work well together. She has just finished being trained so she still super fired up. She is really good at asking the members for help with the language, and I really appreciate that. She also, every night before bed, tells me a "Sister Short, I love you today because..." statement which really makes me feel good. Also, she really is good directionally and with planning so that's great because I'm not-so-much. We are very very busy and it's a lot of fun! It's been a challenge because I am the one who knows about the area and so I have been taking the lead in a lot, but Sister Smith is strong, supportive, and involved so I don't feel lost. She helped me feel brave enough to talk to a random tall man playing basketball (it was dark out and we thought he wasn't wearing a shirt) because I thought I was getting a prompting. Sometimes the spirit nudges us to do things we normally wouldn't, and we have to be careful to follow these promptings. So Sister Smith helped me be brave. It turns out he was a really nice young man (wearing a tank top in fact--yes!) and we had a quick lesson and now he is being taught by the English Elders here. Sometimes the smallest things create huge ripples, and since Heavenly Father knows that, he sends the Spirit to guide us.
We are actually teaching a BUNCH of teenage girls right now. They just started popping up everywhere! Some are less-active, and some are investigators, but ALL are sweet and amazing. We have had Young Women just popping up everywhere and I LOVE it. I think this might  be the Age of the Young Women here. I love explaining to them and our other investigators that the good feelings they get when we come, and when they pray, and when they read the scriptures are the feelings we want to give to them always. Through Baptism (by proper authority) they get the Gift of the Holy Ghost, which means that, as long as they are living how they should, then they can feel those good feelings (the Holy Ghost) all the time. So baptism is giving happiness. That's why we as missionaries ask everyone to be baptized--we just want them to be happy!
There was snow here, but it's all melted now. Winters here are starting out very mild it seems--it feels like a Utah November to me.
I am excited to announce that we have 2 baptisms on Christmas! They are cousins, but they have been raised like brother and sister. Their names are Janjan (nickname) and Christopher. They are 8 and 11 I think (momentary memory lapse...). We are SO excited!!!! These are Sister Smith's first baptisms so that's really awesome :)

Love, love, love,
Sister Desiree Short

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