Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Letter 01-27-14

We had transfer calls this Saturday and Sister Short is moving! I am going to be in Oklahoma! (I will send the address when I get it--so if anyone wants to send me anything either wait for a tad or send them to the Mission Office please. Preferably the Mission Office because I will probably need the letters to cope better with this new situation--I've never moved before!) So the most amazing part of this this is that my new companion is the Sister that I replaced when I came! Her name is Sister Andrew and she is actually Marshallese! It was a shock because the trend for this area has been 6 months and I've only been here 3, but the Lord knows better! My new area is a walking area so I'm going to get nice and fit! (Yay!). I am so excited! I have only ever heard WONDERFUL things about
Sister Andrew (also, from the stories I've heard, she has a great sense of humor). I love the people here so much. I want to come back someday. I have made such friends. I love them all so much, but I know that God would not call me away unless it was right and I was needed elsewhere.  

So for this week I have some very exciting news! We had a baptism!!! The wonderful Young Woman's name is Gustina. We actually started teaching her the Sunday at the beginning of this transfer and I got to see her baptized! She is wonderful! Aww I love her and her family so much! They are just amazing! Every time we went over to teach Gustina something, she already knew it! She has been taught so well! Seriously most of the ward already thought she was a member--that's how amazing she is. We taught her at her aunt's home and the Spirit is so strong there! The first time I cried about leaving was when I realized that I wouldn't be able to go do Temple Baptisms with her. That made me very sad. She will do great though and I know Sister Smith will send me pictures.

Also, I am so excited! There's a wonderful couple here named Joe and Morita who just got callings this Sunday! They were so ready and so excited! Joey even spoke in sacrament! He did great and I don't know if I've ever been so proud of someone speaking (I think it was his first time, or one of his first). Morita taught the older primary children and she did wonderful as well! She taught them the 10 commandments using hand-signs and she told us she felt the Spirit. I am so proud of them both!

Off I go to Oklahoma; TIME FOR A NEW ADVENTURE!!!

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