Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Letter 12-1-13

This week has been interesting--lots of exciting things have happened. Firstly, when Sister Larsen, Masako, and I were out for an appointment, we got hit on and invited to "party". It was super funny and also awkward--I mean we look totally professional and also exude the Spirit so do we seems like we would be up for that. DEFINITELY NOT. But hey, it happens. The Spirit did not warn us of any danger, so we knew we were fine. It is amazing how the Spirit directs us--an unsettled feeling warns us of danger, a peace gives us bravery, and sometimes, as happened this week, the Spirit simply and continuously draws our attention to a person. The spirit is our guide, protector, comforter, and friend. I am convinced now more than every that ANYTHING THAT DISTANCES US FROM THE SPIRIT PUTS US IN DANGER. I am not saying this to come down hard; it is simply a fact that we NEED the Spirit, and we love it. We want it. So I am finding more and more that simple things like reading my scriptures daily, praying often, being obedient (or following the commandments, for the Strength of the Youth, council of the Prophets) to the best of our continuously progressing knowledge and ability, is the best way to be happy. Because, it is the Spirit which brings true joy. God gives us guidelines so that WE CAN BE HAPPY. This in no way excuses our responsibility to think and act; in fact it gives us the responsibility to seriously be true to that Spirit which connects our hearts, minds, and souls to the Father of our very existence. Without the Spirit I am blind, with it, I need not even see. 
I love this work with all my heart. This Gospel heals, helps, and brings joy. What more could I want?
--Sister Short

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