Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Letter 02-17-14

God can make things work out! Sometimes annoying thing happen, but God can make them used for good! Like my story for this week is that there was a man that tried to bash us--though I call it "softball bashing" because it isn't like yelling or anything; it's just being like confrontationally disagreeable and not listening. Anyways, it wasn't bad or anything it was just I suppose sad and annoying to me. But the thing was that I was thinking about what he was saying and I thought through the logic of it and came up with the answer. Of course, the man probably wouldn't be open to my answer, but I felt like I could explain it and I understood why this was important and whatnot. But anyways, so later (the next week) we went into this lesson with this amazing new investigator. She expressed a concern that was answered by the answer I had figured out based on this other man's comments! So the opposition of this man allowed me to think through this certain concept, and then God sent a person who was ready to hear the explanation! It was wonderful! And I believe that if we are willing, God can use our thoughts and experiences to His advantage, but only if we are willing.

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