Sunday, May 25, 2014

Letter 5/25/14

An awesome thing just happened! I was here emailing at our community center, and I hear this man getting really mad in the background. He is really upset and swore and then like hung up. It was one of those you-could-feel-the-steam moments. Awkward. Then the Spirit says "Sister Short, you should go see if he is okay." Uhhh....well I'm wimpy so I squirmed a little. Then, I took a deep breath and prayed for bravery and walked over.
"Hi," I shook his hand, "I'm Sister Short. Are you okay?" From there we talked to him for a long time. We shared a scripture and prayed with him. But overall, we just listened. We gave him a chapter of the Book of Mormon to read and we will be meeting with him later this week. I am so glad I listened to the Spirit!
That brings up another subject. This week we had what's called Zone Training (a big long day of instruction). The huge thing President taught us during our interviews was about asking inspired questions and listening. Basically, the person we are teaching leads the discussion. We guide, but we allow that person to lead the lesson where THEY need it to go. It requires us giving up our own control quite a bit, and we have to listen really hard, but I LOVE IT! It's really a beautiful thing to let a lesson go exactly where the person needs it to be--to work hard not to hinder it. I love it!
Well, I keep learning and keep working on being better.
Sister Powell and I laugh all the time. We keep the joy in the work.
Sister Short

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