Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter 1/25/15

Dear Blog,
This week was wonderful. We set some great goals and worked hard to achieve them. God really blessed us in this.
Today I really wanted to share some thoughts on prayer. You see, I took a little "check your progress" test this morning to see how well I'm doing on some fundamentals of missionary service (revelation through prayer, revelation through the Book of Mormon, revelation through church attendance, etc.) and I saw what I'm struggling with helping those around me understand. It turns out, I am not doing so good on revelation through prayer. So, I've been thinking about prayer. Did you, for example, know that prayer is a commandment? Did you know that prayer is a 2 way communication between you and God? Simply put, prayer is us talking to our Father in Heaven. We can spill out our heart in prayer; we can ask, thank, and just talk. As we pay attention to how we feel when we pray we can recognize answers to the questions we ask. If we ask a specific question we will receive a specific answer. Sometimes it isn't easy to recognize those answers because they can come in many forms--yes, no, wait, you choose, etc. But the most telling way to recognize our answer is through the way we feel. We should pay close attention to the thoughts that come to our mind and the feelings that come to our heart as we pray. We can pray in any time and in any place. Satan may try to stop us from praying, but we can ALWAYS pray to our Heavenly Father no matter what--and we should. These are some simple thoughts about prayer--what do you talk to God about? :)

Sister Short

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