Monday, February 2, 2015

Letter 2/1/15

Hi everyone! I hope your week has been good! 
I suppose my thoughts today are about the tender mercies of the Lord. Sometimes we start to overlook God's blessings because they aren't the ones we would choose for ourselves. For instance, I probably wouldn't have chosen for myself that really hard aerobics class in high school (I'm super weak so that was an experience), but I got to feel healthier and strong and realize I could actually exercise hard without keeling over (trust me--I thought I would). This week the Lord was really kind to us in a few ways. One huge thing was that it was like in the 60's and 70's this week--really warm! This was a huge mercy because I accidentally broke the heel of one of my boots. So I didn't freeze! That was a little thing, but it's big to me :) It would be easy to complain that my shoes broke and not even see that blessing. This week I got to study some on the difference faith makes in our expectations and then in our results. I would love to invite each of you to read 1 Nephi 17 and study the actions, outlooks, attitudes, and consequences of Nephi vs. Laman and Lemuel. It's interesting to see how many blessings Nephi SEES that his brothers don't. Each of us can take some time to study that chapter (and other chapters) and find for ourselves something simple to start nourishing our faith and seeing God's hand more clearly in our lives. (I really hope that made sense!)
Sister Short

 Thought for the day -  comes from David O. McKay, "Jesus passed through all the experiences of mortality just as you and I.  He knew happiness, he experienced pain.  He rejoiced as well as sorrowed with others.  He knew friendship.  He experienced, also, the sadness that comes through traitors and false accusers.  He died a mortal death even as you will.  Since Christ lived after death, so shall you, and so shall I."  It is nice to know the Lord has gone through everything we have or will go through.  It is so much easier to relate to someone that has shared the same experiences we have. 

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