Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter 2/7/15

Dear Blog,
Here's the news (and it's interesting I think!); I'm staying in Pawhuska! (That's not really the interesting part ;) ) The interesting part is that my current companion, Sister Booms, is getting transferred to the (drum roll please!) Marshallese area! That's where I was trained! :) She will so love it! She's shotgunning in with her new companion. Sister Booms is like a linguist in the making so this will be really good :) My new companion's name is Sister Gee and she was trained by Sister Booms' MTC companion and is currently companions with Sister Booms' Trainer! It's just one of those funny knots :) 
I can't really express to you all all the Lord has been blessing us with here. I'm so thankful for His help. We've had so much help here. 
I hope you all will keep me in your prayers and know that all will be amazing :)
Sister Short

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