Monday, April 27, 2015

Letter 4/27/15

Dear Blog;
Can I just say that God is SO nice? I'm being blessed so much beyond reason here. I can't even tell you how much I'm being blessed.

So fun story--our zone out here has a goal to have this week be 100% member present lessons. This means we have to have members at every single lesson we have. So this last week we got to planning. We prayed a lot and tried really hard. And guess what? God told us we can do 26 member present lessons this week :) So, here we go!

I can't even describe all the tender mercies we have seen, but here are a few:
we had a member come to church that we've been trying to help come for months!
We talked to the young men about having a contest to give away Because He Lives cards. we didn't know how they would react BUT GUESS WHAT?! They are all for it! They even decided that they wanted to face off against their leaders :) Rules of the game? The have to see someone take the card. There are bonus points for other things--such as inviting someone to mutual :) The teams can recruit people to join their team. Also; there's a super awesome food prize at the end (the tides of liking this contest definitely turned in our favor when we told them that part). So the battle is on!

We have been having members come up to us and as US if/when we need their help. The members here are AWESOME!

One young woman we absolutely adore (we adore our young women a LOT) went to the temple this last week and we saw her looking so much happier when she came back. It was such a mercy to us.

To be honest, I have NO idea how this next week will work out. I really don't. But I just KNOW that God will help us. I've been praying so hard for peace. I know that He will make it work out.
God has just been so kind to me. I am so blessed.

Sister Short

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