Monday, July 28, 2014

Letter 7/28/14

This week has been a very interesting week! So, anyone that knows me knows I can't exactly sing....but guess what?! The Spirit totally makes that okay! Haha! Okay, let me explain: we were looking to get some referrals yes? So we went and asked members who they knew who could use an uplifting song/hymn. Then we went and sang to the people! It was so fun! The Spirit was so strong that it sounded actually good! And funny thing--it really worked! 

I have a really wonderful thing to say! So here in Bentonville there is this amazing art museum called Crystal Bridges! We went there today and looked at some of the BEAUTIFUL art. This is such a tender mercy to me--I get this sense of serenity looking at beautiful art that I hardly can describe. It's peaceful and gives me a calm and a constant little smile. I felt so happy! I am so grateful to God for that tender mercy.

Lastly, I wanted to tell everyone something really important to me. I wanted to talk about loving someone for who they can be. This requires us to look at someone through the eyes of God. This requires not limiting someone based on their current religious background or their appearance. This requires the heavenly attribute of UNDERSTANDING. I bring this up because here in my area my companion and I are meeting with a woman who is Wiccan. Literally she is a witch. Now some people would dismiss her for that. She's felt that before. She's experienced that in some of the worst possible ways. But still, she is kind. She has a wonderful heart. SHE IS A DAUGHTER OF GOD. I pray that each of us will take the time to pray to understand this a little more, to love a little easier, and to see people through the eyes of eternity. We need to do this if we are to bring souls to Christ. Truly God loves each and every one of us. We give because our love compels us to try to give everyone all that we enjoy.

Sister Short

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