Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter 9/7/14

So this week we had Zone Training. It was a really tender experience as we all remembered the life of Sister Vea. I can't describe the Spirit that was there.
Our mission President told us that a young adult is 8 times more likely to pass away off a mission than on one. It's easy to worry when missionaries get hurt because we consider someone called by the Lord to be protected. I think we must be careful to remember that the Lord is in control, and the Lord understands. It's hard to comprehend why sometimes, but it's important to remember God's love for each of us and for us collectively. I'm trying to make this make sense, but I think the most important thing we need to do is simply honor those who sacrifice in the Lord's name--no matter what that sacrifice ends up being.
Sister Short

 Thought for the day comes from the PG East Stake Relief Society Newsletter.  Article written by Laura Bichon. " How willing am I to be taught by the Lord and His servants? How receptive am I to the inspiration I receive? Do I do the things, like consistent personal prayer and gospel study, that will help me to be more receptive to His counsel? How do I respond to correction? Do I ask questions when things aren't clear or do I just go on in my confusion? Do I express gratitude when the Lord helps me?
     These are some hard questions to ask, and they may be even harder to answer honestly. However, asking and answering these questions honestly can help us to open ourselves up more to the influence and counsel of the Lord. If you feel like these are some questions that you would like to examine in your own life, I would encourage you (and all of us) to take the time to seriously ask ourselves, and answer,
these questions."

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