Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter 11/16/14

Dear Everybody!
So here's the news from Bentonville--I'm heading out. It's hard. I really love it here. It was so sad to get the call, but I also know it's time to go. This area is picking up really well. We've been doing lot's of family history work with everyone and it's been WONDERFUL to get to know the members. Ultimately though, the Lord has blessed us. He really has. I'm going to miss it here, but I'm so glad Sister Powell is staying here--it's going to get AMAZING. She's a fantastic missionary. 

I'm heading to Pawhuska, OK. The cool thing? I've been there before! I was on exchanges a few times there when I was serving in Bartlesville! Also cool? It's on Creek Nation land! I'm literally on the reservation! I'm kind of excited for that :) So Thursday I head out!

Sister Short

PS: A thought.  Enos 1:16
"And I had faith, and I did cry unto God that he would preserve the records; and he covenanted with me that he would bring them forth..."
The Book of Mormon is the answer to millions of prayers of those gone past. That is a great gift. 

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