Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter 12/22/14

Dear Blog,
It's been a week I can't even put into words. Miracles are so real. 
The one story I want to tell is about a recent convert named Xavier. He is 15 and so sweet. His whole family got baptized and are going in January to the temple to do temple baptisms. He was so excited. Watching him--seeing that he understands in a personal way what an important thing this is--made the experience special for me. In the temple we take names of deceased family and we perform proxy baptisms for them in order to bless them--to give those people the opportunity to accept what we have. There were two names from my family that were especially for him. Before we went in I gave him the names and told him how very special these people were. How they had been waiting for a long time for him to help them. I could see the awe and responsibility in his eyes. He was so proud to have those names. This experience--though it may sound simple--is very precious. This 15 year old boy knows by experience what he is giving. He LOVES the Gospel. I wonder what the world would be like if we each could see the world the way he did--I wonder how much more we would cherish the sacred. 
When this family goes to the temple in January, the two oldest boys are going to be baptized for their father. This is a holy and sacred thing. I am so proud of them.
With love,
Sister Short 

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