Saturday, December 6, 2014

Letter 11/30/14

(Hand written letter from Desiree sent Dec. 5th)

Dear Blog,
     Anyone out there who hears from missionaries besides me has probably noticed a difference.  I don't tend to say how my whole week went.  I hope that isn't boring.
     I struggle so hard with words.  I am only eloquent when guided by the Spirit.  I struggle - even in these blog posts.  But I know I'm trying.  I know why I write you all and why I'm out here - because I love you all.  I love people.  I love seeing them happy.  I love seeing the Spirit touch them.
     I'm weak.  I'm imperfect.  I'm totally, completely, and terribly human.  But do you know what?  My soul is noble.  My future is bright.  My destiny is eternal.  SO IS YOURS!
     I know that if you'll pray and ask - truly and with intent - God will tell you this too.

    Sister Short

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